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What You Waiting For?  

Last week I went to a concert.  When I got to the venue, there was a long line from the entrance of the building all the way down the street and around the corner.  After waiting near the back of the line for about 20 minutes, the line began to move.

A teen standing ahead me with her friends noticed that there were other gates near the entrance.  She pointed them out to her friends and said ‘look, we should switch lines, there’s hardly anyone else in those other lines.’  She was quickly dismissed by her friends who said, ‘no, we should wait our turn.’  Another person told her, ‘it’s probably a trick.’  After another minute she spoke up again about how much faster the other lines were moving but the rest of her group overruled her suggestion and decided to stay put.  I paid attention to what the teen said and switched lines. I made it inside the venue in a few minutes instead of additional 20.

Watching the exchange between the girl and her friends made me think of all the times when I’ve seen opportunities to move ahead but didn’t take action. Like this teenager, I wanted someone to give me permission, to validate my choices and decisions.  When that didn’t happen, I waited.  And waited.  At the time, I was literally waiting for my rescue, someone, anyone, to swoop in and change my life for me.  When that didn’t happen, I began assigning blame to others for my unhappiness.   

I share this to acknowledge that as you pursue your goals one of the hardest challenges is feeling like you’re alone or not supported.  Sometimes you don’t get validation from your friends, family members, or even people you admire.  It took me years to realize that that is okay.  Your Dream, your Divine Vision, is yours, not theirs. That’s why they don’t understand it, why they naysay it or mock it.  It’s not their responsibility to nurture it or care for it, that’s up to you.  

I started taking responsibility for my own happiness by putting in effort to make my dreams a reality.  Once I started taking action, many people began showing up in my life that have helped me move forward in incredible ways.  I got my rescue after all!  There are still moments where I feel terrified and I look for support and validation as I take more steps outside of my comfort zone.  The difference is that now I surround myself with people and a professional coach who are truly able to provide the support I need.  

Where in your life are you waiting (and waiting) for a rescue?  What step will you take today to nuture your dreams?


Don't Mind The Gap! A Lesson in Manifesting...

When I was a young girl, my dream in life was to be very successful and help millions of people.  That dream has stayed with me into adulthood.  I went into the accounting field in my twenties—at the time I didn’t know that I had an intuitive ability and had no idea I’d be teaching workshops and blogging.  Even so, I still wanted my dream to come true.  I could feel the gap in my own energy, the space between where I was versus where I wanted to be.  The gap between me and my dream was huge!  How was an accountant ever going to reach millions of people?  When I started my intuitive work professionally I could only see where I wasn’t.  Even now, in 2013, there have been moments where it felt like my dream was impossible.

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Los Angeles.  I saw many famous musicians collaborate and rehearse with each other before the show.  Being in the presence of great artists was incredible.  I felt their sense of accomplishment and the hard work that went into creating their success.  They were all people who followed their dreams and achieved them.  Watching them make mistakes and then practice until they got it right was an a-ha moment about perseverance.  And then it happened:  I felt the energetic gap between me and my goal but for the first time I could also clearly feel around the gap.  I felt the outcome of being successful, of reaching my dreams.  It was just a matter of time.  From that perspective I saw that because my attention was always on what I hadn’t accomplished yet, I was ignoring all the successes and achievements I have made along the way. 

By the time I got back to Albuquerque, I was more clear about the action steps that I needed to take.  Step number one was to get realigned with my goals and set the intention for my success. From that place, I began getting intuitive hits about what I needed to change in my business—the steps were clear and simple. 

In many of my blogs I always mention that one of the ways to manifest our dreams is to stay present and be in the moment.  It’s important for us to choose where ‘the moment’ is.  By focusing on the gaps in my life, I was putting myself in an energetic prison.  Nothing I would do would ever be good enough.  It was harder for me to have faith with that type of thinking.  

I am finding that I am more aware of what is happening in my thoughts.  There are moments when I see the gap come up and I have to make the conscious choice to think differently.   I share this for those of you who think you have impossible dreams in hopes that you are not minding the gap.  

This month I will be sharing about the energy of manifesting and more tools and techniques to reach our goals.  Many Blessings to you!


Dreams and Connecting to the Other Side

I was sitting in a cafeteria with my best friend; she was telling me all the things she had been learning over the past year.  We were both excited to be on vacation together, it felt like we’d been waiting forever for this day to come.  As she was talking, I had a sudden realization.  “Do you know that you died?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.  “I tried to stay but by the time I figured out what was happening it was too late.”  Then she changed the subject.   We left the cafeteria and spent the rest of the day learning how to windsurf and talking about where we would go for our next vacation.

I didn’t know that I was dreaming until I woke up.  My best friend had passed away in 2011.  The week before she died, we were beginning to plan a trip to Costa Rica.  To have a dream where we were actually on vacation was an incredible experience—it was like one way or another we had finally taken our trip.  I was so excited and so grateful for the dream that I wrote everything I could remember, from what we had talked about to what I saw and heard.

Dreams are one of the ways our loved ones connect with us after they’ve passed away.  This was the first really vivid and detailed dream I’d had about my best friend.  I have connected with many Spirits through dreams.  They may come for a moment or they may visit for a while.  Sometimes no words are spoken and I only get a feeling of love. 

It’s easy to dismiss these dreams as our imagination or our subconscious minds putting things together.  I have found that the easiest way to distinguish between a true visit from a loved one and a subconscious creation is the feeling the dream gives you.

A client shared a dream that she had where her mother (who had passed away several years ago) was berating her, accusing her of doing everything wrong.  In real life she and her mother had had a very close and loving relationship.  She was bothered by the dream but felt very strongly that her mother hadn’t really been there, which I confirmed.  Several months later she dreamt about her mother again, this time she and her mother were laughing, having a great conversation.  Her mother looked younger and healthier.  When she woke up she could still feel the love from her mom.  She didn’t need me to validate the experience.

To connect with your loved ones in dreams it helps to:

1)   Get enough sleep – if you’re not sleeping, you’re not dreaming!   Not getting many hours of sleep can make it harder to recall dreams

2)   Keep a dream journal – dream journals help us remember our dreams and also keep track of repetitive symbols that we get from our Higher Self and Spirit Team.  The sooner you can record your dreams after waking up, the better.  This may mean documenting the dream before you get out of bed.  You can write or even make an audio recording about what you dreamt—many smartphones have built in recorders. Write or speak whatever you can remember, no matter how vague.  As you recall specific things, you will begin remembering the rest of your dream.

3)   Trust – I have met many people who really want a dream visit from their loved ones.  The more they keep trying to make the dream happen the harder it seems for them to have it.  It took two years before my friend connected to me in such a strong dream and I connect to dead people for a living!  Our loved ones will connect with us in the way they think we will acknowledge and remember, which may or may not be through dreams.  If a person does not recall their dreams, their loved one may not visit in a dream  because they know the visit won’t be consciously remembered.  We can actually block the energy of Spirit coming to visit us by holding onto expectations of them showing up in a specific way.  Trust that your loved ones will connect with you in the best way possible. 

Dreams are only one way that those on the other side connect to us.  They send messages to us in many different ways.  I pray you have sweet dreams this week!


Faith: The Final Frontier (Tune Into Your Miracle)

This week I thought I’d share from part of a newsletter I sent in February.  It is a very important reminder for me!  

 Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into -  Mahatma Ghandi

I still have moments where I struggle with trust and having faith. Last week I felt overwhelmed. I wondered if I was really making a difference in the world with my intuitive work or not. It seemed like everything I did was either not working or being delayed. I shared how I was feeling with a few close friends. Each of them told me 'you have to have faith'.

Inside I was thinking 'yeah right. What's having faith going to do for me?' I couldn't see how anything would change. I wanted results, not faith.

At the advice of my friend and coach Joanna Garzilli, I wrote out all of the reasons why I didn't have faith. Underlying all of my reasons were the same fears I've always had. What if I'm not good enough to continue? What if my friends abandon me the longer I do this?

After writing out all my doubts and fears I sat with what I was feeling emotionally. I cried. I got pissed off. I cried some more. Afterward, I was able to hear my Spirit Guides much clearer. I was shown that I had a choice. I could choose the 'easy' way out and fall back to being afraid and doubtful of myself or I could choose to be brave--I could believe in myself and trust that everything was going to work in my highest and best interest.

Throughout the rest of the week I was very mindful of my thoughts and my actions. I continually asked myself, 'if I had faith, what would I do?' And I made decisions based on that. Ironically within the week, I received e-mails saying that my projects were moving forward; clients were contacting me to say 'thank you.' It was a blessing.

These experiences have taught me that having faith is essential in creating miracles. The vibration of faith shifts the energy inside and around us, making us more receptive to higher vibrational energy. For me, having faith takes active practice and commitment. It is more natural and almost safer for me to retreat into doubt and fear.

I invite you to do a faith-check. Think about what you are saying to yourself and the actions that you are (or are not) taking in your life. As you scan your thoughts and actions ask yourself:

  • Is this what a person with faith would say?
  • Is this how a person with faith would act?
  • What would a person with faith do in this situation?

If you find yourself distrustful or unwilling to have faith, I recommend writing out all the reasons why you don't have it. Allow yourself to be honest. Feel the emotions that come up. Once you've done your faith-check it's up to you to make a choice.

Are you going to choose to do what you've always done? Or are you willing to experience your miracle?


Increasing Your Clairvoyance & Clairaudience

I was sitting in my office when a co-worker started a conversation with me.  As they were talking, I realized that I was really listening to them; there were no other thoughts in my head.  I was excited!  Prior to that moment, I’d always had constant mental chatter.  No matter where I was or what I was doing, my thoughts were in several different places.  After I learned how to quiet the noise in my mind, I began clearly hearing more things around me in my daily life.  And then I heard my Spirit Guides.

I hear intuitive information subjectively, in my thoughts.  When my Spirit Guides speak to me it ‘sounds’ similar to having a thought in my head.  I eventually went to workshops and classes to understand and properly use this gift.  Even with the classes I struggled with ‘is this me or really my Spirit Guides?’  And my mind would run off again with dozens of thoughts.  This mental noise made it harder to hear my guidance from Spirit.  When I refocused and cleared my thoughts the guidance came again and repeated the information.  As I trusted this information, my clairvoyance opened up and I began seeing psychically.  My clairvoyance and clairaudience increased with repeated ‘exercise.’

To expand your clairvoyance and clairaudience:

1)   Be Clear – Are your thoughts always running?  Are you constantly thinking about what you have to do next or what you did in the past?  If so, it will be harder to discern intuitive guidance.  The way to clear your mind is to do some form of daily meditation.  Meditation trains us how to turn off the mental noise and be fully present and clear in the moment. 

2)   Take time to see and hear what’s around you – We filter out a lot of information in our daily life.  I was walking down a sidewalk, the same sidewalk I’d walked down for five years, when one day I noticed a building across the street.  The building had been there for quite some time but prior to that moment, I had never noticed it.  To see and hear psychically and intuitively we have to be willing to see and hear what’s around us right now.   One of the most powerful experiences I had was in a workshop with Lisa Williams where we spent a week only focusing on seeing and hearing everything around us, really noticing colors and textures, really listening to different sounds.  By not filtering out information we were training ourselves to be more open and receptive to clairvoyant and clairaudient information.

3)   Play – Ask your Spirit Team questions about anything.  Once you ask the question, be open to the answer.  You can ask them to show you information clairvoyantly or tell you through clairaudience.  You may see or hear symbols, if you do it’s up to you to decipher the meaning and keep track of what those symbols mean to you.

4)   Trust – When you receive information you have to trust it first.  The more you trust what you are receiving the more accurate the message will be.  It is easy to think the opposite: I’m not going to trust until it’s accurate.  Holding that belief only blocks psychic information because instead of being present and focused the mind is in attack mode, already dismissing intuitive guidance before it’s received.

An easy way to practice and play with clairvoyance and clairaudience is to seek out an interactive study group or take workshops and classes where these gifts are being taught.  There are many workshops hosted both online and in person around the world.  This Saturday in Albuquerque, I’ll be teaching a workshop specifically on psychically seeing and hearing.  Check out my events page for more information!