Psychic Readings    

Connect With Your Divine Plan!  

Psychic Readings: 1-hour (phone call only)

The reason most people ask for a psychic reading is because they have dueling inner voices.  One voice says that they will get what they want, whether it be a dream job, a life partner, or even millions of dollars. Yet, at the same time the other voice says, ‘you’re crazy,’ ‘there’s no way,’ ‘that’ll never happen.’  They are looking for me to validate one of these voices—will it happen or won’t it? 

In reality, your future is dynamic—the choices and actions you take today can completely shift the outcome of events.  My specialty is showing others how to create the life they want and get their desired outcome. 

During a psychic reading, I connect with your Spirit Team and your Higher Self.  With this connection, I tune into your Divine Spirit and your soul mission, the reason you were born on this earth.  From this space, I can see why you are in your current situation, why you have attracted the relationships in your life that you have, and probable future events. I also see the steps to take to alter or avoid those outcomes.  In this way, the reading is less about “what will happen to me” and more about “what am I willing to create?”

Through this you will receive validation, greater awareness, heightened intuition, and release fear. 

Currently all readings are done by phone which allows me to record our reading and e-mail you a link to the recording.  I promise the reading is just as good over the phone as it is in person!

What You Should Know 

  • At the beginning of the reading you will be led through a brief guided meditation to get you centered and focused. After the meditation I will deliver a message from your Spirit Team of Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and other high vibrational beings. After the initial message you may ask as many questions as you'd like.
  • At no time does information in a reading substitute medical advice from a health-care professional or legal advice from an attorney

About Phone Readings

  • I receive many questions about phone call readings. Doing readings by phone is just as effective as doing them in person. We all exist as energy. On an energetic level there is no seperation of time or space. For that reason I can tune into energy just as clear over the phone as I could if we were meeting in person. As an added bonus, I record the calls and e-mail them to you so you can review the call afterward.